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Staying Safe in Saint Lucia Hurricane Preparedness and Safety Measures for Visitors in St. Lucia
General Personal Safety
Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness in St. Lucia:

Hurricanes and other severe tropical weather systems (tropical depressions and tropical storms) are part of our natural environment and are one of the major natural hazards that threaten the Caribbean region each year. We know that the hurricane season starts from June 1 and ends on November 30, with the peak of the season being in September.

Hurricane preparedness is a national effort and everyone has some responsibility for his or her safety and that of others before, during and after the impact of a hurricane or tropical storm. We encourage you to learn the various safety measures listed below and take the necessary actions to protect yourself should St. Lucia be threatened by the passage of a hurricane event while you are there. Be Prepared!

When The Storm Is Approaching

  • With the increasing use of new technology, we are able to monitor the development of any severe tropical weather systems that develop in the Atlantic Ocean and that poses a threat to the Caribbean islands. Use the Internet to monitor any system from the National Hurricane Centre.
  • Ask your hotel about their disaster management plan and what provisions are made for their guests. If nothing is planned, assess your risk and decide whether you should check out and move into a larger hotel (which has a disaster management plan in place).
  • Ask your hotel manager to inform you of the situation on an ongoing basis once relevant bulletins are being received. Stay informed; use the local radio stations for updates as well.
  • If the situation deteriorates (less than 72 hours), consider checking out and leave the island. Contact your airline to ensure that you can leave the island on a scheduled flight.
  • If you plan to stay on the island and not in your hotel, ensure that you are briefed on emergency shelter locations and procedures and are equipped with basic essentials (nonperishable food, hygiene articles, water, bedding).
  • If you are in a hotel, you should take responsibility for you own luggage.

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