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Entry Requirements Entry Requirements
Customs Formalities


St. Lucia Police HeadquartersVisitors must carry a valid passport except citizens of the United States of America and Canada who may enter St. Lucia with adequate proof of citizenship (a birth certificate or a photo ID, e.g. drivers licence).

Citizens of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) may enter with their drivers licence, identification card or passport.

Visitors from all other Commonwealth countries require a valid passport. Visas are not required for the citizens of those countries, however, they are issued an immigration form which is valid (when completed) for a period of stay of up to six months. Visitors from other countries, please see if you need a visa here.

Upon arrival, you will be given a date stamp in your passport and immigration form. If you need to stay longer than the time specified on your documents, you may apply for an extension at the immigration department at the Police Headquarters in Castries. Without exception, you will need an onward or roundtrip ticket and proof of sufficient funds for your stay.

It is important to note that overstaying without permission from the local authorities is an offence, including taking any form of paid employment without a work permit.

As regulations may change, it is advisable that you contact the nearest Consulate General of St. Lucia, embassy, or mission before your departure.

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