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The Government of St. Lucia
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Saint Lucia Government

Saint Lucia Coat of ArmsSt. Lucia is an independent member state of the British Commonwealth with a Westminster style parliamentary democracy. This status was achieved on February 22, 1979 under the provisions of the St. Lucia Constitution Order 1978. The British monarchy, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is the Head of State (since Feb. 6, 1952) and is being represented by an appointed Governor General based in St. Lucia, Her Excellency Dr. Calliopa Pearlette Louisy (Sept. 18, 1997).

The House of Assembly consist of 17 elected members (elected every five years) which represents a similar number of single-member constituencies, and the Senate comprises 11 Senators who are appointed by the Governor General. The Cabinet is led by the Prime Minister the Honourable Stephenson King and his other selected Ministers of the United Workers Party (UWP) who are also the majority party of the House of Assembly.

The leader of the opposition is Honourable Dr. Kenny D. Anthony who leads the St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP - founded in 1946).

The legal system is based on English common law and "Code Napoleon", and the highest judicial body is the Privy Council of the United Kingdom. The administration of the law is under the jurisdiction of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court which is led by His Lordship the Honourable Chief Justice [Ag.] Adrian Saunders.



Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

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The Government of St. Lucia

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