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Where is St. Lucia? - A brief geography lesson

The Eastern Caribbean region is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, comprising a chain of tropical islands running between North and South America and east of Central America. The region is divided into two major zones namely the Leeward Islands (Greater Antilles) and Windward Islands (Lesser Antilles) which are located north and south respectively. St. Lucia falls into the Windward group being the second largest, located 21 miles south of Martinique and 26 miles north of St. Vincent. More precisely, it lies between 60° 53' and 61° 05' West longitude and 13°43' and 14°05' North latitude.

Location of St. Lucia

St. Lucia measures approximately 27 miles in length and 14 miles in width, with a land area of 238 square miles (616 sq. km). It is volcanic in origin, very mountainous with the main ridge running almost through its entire length reaching its highest point at Mt. Gimie which is 3,145 feet above sea level. Two unique topographic features are the famous and spectacular mountain peaks called the Pitons which rise straight out of the sea near the town of Soufrière, Petit Piton at 2,461 feet and, in the village of Choiseul, Gros Piton at 2, 619 feet, both along the west coast. St. Lucia’s mountainous interior is an ideal setting for hikers, bird watchers or those who enjoy the challenge and beauty of the outdoors.

Map of St. Lucia

Map of St. Lucia

Map of the Eastern CaribbeanDetail Map of St. Lucia

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